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Whether your contract is ending; you have just been laid off; you want to relocate; or you are ready for a career move, Highland Cole Consulting can assist. Specializing in Technical, HR, Sales and Management level roles within the IT, Healthcare, Automotive and Distribution sectors, Highland Cole Consulting possesses the skills and connections to match talent with opportunity; and assist with career transitions.

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Getting you ready for today's job market and successfully hired is what we do!

Recruitment and RPO Services

No price can be put on the value of a trusted relationship forged with a recruiter who time and time again demonstrates responsiveness, honesty, integrity and accuracy in talent matching. Highland Cole's Recruitment Services include utilizing all techniques effective in today's candidate market, such as Social Media, Internet Recruiting, traditional Headhunting and Direct Referrals.

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Our dedicated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services encompass full cycle recruitment. Candidate sourcing, resume screening, candidate interviews, technical screening, aptitude testing, reference checks, presentation of offer and negotiation of offers are all components of this service. Depending on the needs of a company, a consultation will be offered prior to the recommendation of these itemized services.

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Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Whether your company is in growth mode or downsizing mode, at times decisions must be made to let staff go. To help offset the "pain" of this often-difficult transition, let us help be a more positive part of this process. Highland Cole Consulting will perform onsite or offsite Support, Career Counseling, Resume Writing, Career Marketing Techniques and Job Finding Services.

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Professional Resume Writing Service

Much has changed over the years in how to effectively search for a job, but what has not changed is the importance of an effective resume. There are hundreds of websites that can be referenced on "How to write a resume"...but many job seekers are still doing a poor job. We are told we need to sell ourselves...but isn't that bragging? We are told to tailor each resume to the position we are applying for...but isn't that a lot of work? We are told to keep it to 1 or 2 pages, but how is it going to fit?

Ultimately, you are too close, personally, to the "product" - which is YOU! Being objective is key when writing a marketing document intended on SELLING you.

The answer - Have someone experienced and capable write it for you! Someone who isn't too close to the "product"...someone who can be objective!

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